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worthy girl?

The next gen of consignment.

Consignment doesn’t have to be just about vintage finds or mothballs. Like us, we discovered, there are so many shoppers out there who just want to look good in clothes that don’t require extending your credit limit. That’s where we come in. We’ve built a shopping experience that focuses on current trends for less. So if you want style and savings, we got you covered.

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used shouldn’t mean sh*tty.

We don’t have anything against other consignment shops, but we felt like we could raise the bar a little. Just because you’re shopping for gently used items doesn’t mean that your experience should be anything but awesome. At Worthy Girl, you will find a clean, funky, and uncluttered shop. We have an extensive inventory of current trends but you will never find our racks to be overstuffed. If that doesn’t make you want to come in, then maybe our unicorn dressing room curtains will.

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worthy girl?

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Do you want to be a part of a community of respectful, confident, humble, and strategically minded risk takers who are outspoken, fun, approachable, and above all, aren’t afraid to be themselves? If so, then we want you too.